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Re: Thailand? You said? RE: Population

On Fri, 22 May 1998, Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote:
> To me, public service is an occupation which you join, and which is either
> elected or selected, in which you are PAID by the public to "serve" them. 
> To hold public office on grounds of being a very great well-wisher of the
> people, while using the public office to make a lot of money on the side,
> is what I am against. Therefore what some of us have been saying is that
> public offices should be suitably compensated to prevent attracting only
> those who tend to cheat the people [they claim to "work" for the people at
> Rs.  2,500 per month and then bilk them for a few hundred lakhs each
> year!]

No quarrel with that characterization. 

The problem lies with your bias that this kind of cheating is somehow a
"socialist" fraud. It is as much a "Capitalist" fraud. A human fraud. 

I would ask you to think about Buddhism's teachings over the weekend so
that you come back next week with a better view of the world. Buddhism
says that there are no absolute truths on anybody's side. I adhere
strongly to my view that I know the truth. You do the same. But what each
one of us holds dearly are only partial truths. The wisdom lies in
recognizing that and being open to other ideas.

Your thesis, as I gather from your posts, lies in mistrust of government 
and faith in capitalist economy. A typical cry by people like you is that
we need a small but effective government! There are no such things. A free
for all capitalism will take us back to the Neanderthal era. A big
government to regulate everything about human beings will take us to
Stalin's era. What we need is a mix of desirable things to prevent social
Darwinism of Capitalism on one hand and snuffing of individual initiatives
by Socialism on the other. 

have a nice weekend.

Sitaramayya Ari.