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Re: Thailand? You said? RE: Population


Please dont feel offended by some of the statements made during a debate,
we have been through some misunderstanding before and would miss out on
a real contributor if you left. As Sanjeev has already explained in our
previous discussions we had argued and agreed on how at personal level
we can provide "service" but building a society based on an expectation
that it would be done purely out of the goodness of the heart, especially
when its someone's bread earner is unrealistic and probably why socialism
has suffered. Sanjeev does sometimes sound like a capatalist who's chasing
money but after hearing him out for long enough I trust this urge of his
is not a personal self seeking type (or atleast I hope!) but a general
"welfare" improvement of the society.

So please stick around and raise your concerns, ideas. We are all learning,
atlest I am.

BTW, I'm off to Las Vegas this weekend I'm betting on losing to the
lures of lots!


> On Fri, 22 May 1998, Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote:
> > 
> > Sorry about that. Let me say it again:
> > 
> > "I expect people to work primarily in their self interest - as they have
> > always done. The only difference is that now there would no "veil" of
> > socialism and 'public service' hiding the true motives." 
> > 
> > Hope that helps ...
> > 
> > Sanjeev
> Yes, it helps. Now, before I throw up, I should call my two daughters who
> do public service by volunteering at a local women's shelter. Should find
> out what their real motives are, why they don't do something else and
> become rich. 
> If that is what you folks in this group stand for, you make me sick.
> Sitaramayya Ari.