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Re: Thailand? You said? RE: Population

On Fri, 22 May 1998, Sitaramayya Ari wrote:

> Yes, it helps. Now, before I throw up, I should call my two daughters who
> do public service by volunteering at a local women's shelter. Should find
> out what their real motives are, why they don't do something else and
> become rich. 
> If that is what you folks in this group stand for, you make me sick.

My fault again, Sorry!

The English language is also to be blamed. Words means so many things. I
meant something quite different when talking about 'public service.'

To me, public service is an occupation which you join, and which is either
elected or selected, in which you are PAID by the public to "serve" them. 
To hold public office on grounds of being a very great well-wisher of the
people, while using the public office to make a lot of money on the side,
is what I am against. Therefore what some of us have been saying is that
public offices should be suitably compensated to prevent attracting only
those who tend to cheat the people [they claim to "work" for the people at
Rs.  2,500 per month and then bilk them for a few hundred lakhs each

What you are referring to is Voluntary service, not public service. I have
done a lot of voluntary service myself, like working in an NGO to provide
sight to hundreds of cataract affected people in deep rural areas of
Assam. That service comes from the heart. It is a soul-building and
soul-uplifting experience. There is no compensation needed for that, and
none asked. Your daughter's work in a women's shelter is of that category
and so, please let us not even slightly question the motives of people who
do such work! When you or I give of ourselves without asking or expecting
in return, that is not public service in the way I meant.

On the other hand, I do not expect nor want my elected representatives or
bureaucrats or Police constables to work for measley amounts and pretend
to be doing that for the upliftment of their hearts. Public office or
public service is an occupation and should be suitably compensated like
any other. We do not want a pretence here or anywhere else, as is
currently the case in India.

One request: Please let us keep our discussions on a one-to-one level, if
possible. The "group" is an amorphous concept and does not exist. There is
no "group" opinion, only personal opinions. So, it was I who made you
sick, and NOT the group. Again, I am very sorry for that. Also, please do
recognize the difficulty of communicating so rapidly across vast
distances, while doing this on the side of one's main occupation. Errors
may please be forgiven. No one here wants to make anyone else sick, I do
assure you of that! 

Please forgive and forget! and please do carry on encouraging your
daughters in their noble work.