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Re: Thailand? You said? RE: Population

> On Fri, 22 May 1998, Antony Joseph wrote:
> For the Josephs and Subhloks, I have a suggestion. I lived long enough to
> have witnessed an India where things worked much better than today. It was
> in the 50s and 60s. Agriculture officers actually came to villages to tell
> farmers about the quality of different seeds, the appropriate way of
> applying insecticides and pesticides, showed films about family planning
> etc. It was under the same constitution that we have today. So, what went
> wrong? Why wouldn't your perfect democracy document bite the same dust?

Because this time we are not talking socialism and not preaching public
service. I expect people to work primarily in their self interest, as they
have always done, while setting up a veil of socialism and "public

Under the earlier dispensation, if one person did some production (such as
start a factory), 12 person were employed by the government to supervise
and control and regulate the production. Under the present system that we
are proposing, ALL 13 will produce, and only the markets will supervise,
or at most one out of 13 will "supervise" and regulate, as per the wishes
of the remaining 12. 

Each of us on this list could have been a Bill Gates sitting in India and
producing phenomenal number of goods and services. But our system
completely prohibited that by draining resources into completely
unproductive tasks and by being suspicious of the entrepreneur. We need
the democracy of respecting individual initiative and not bossing over
anyone who wishes to be productive. 

> My idea: India doesn't need a new document. It doesn't need a new party.
> Not another one, please. Democracies work when people participate,
> excercise their rights and responsibilities. 

It is my right and responsibility to debate an "ideal" manifesto for my
country. It is your right and responsibility, too, if you feel so. I do
not determine anyone's personal appreciation of his or her rights and

On the other hand, if you have solid, powerful and effective ideas or data
to present, which will help India become rich, powerful, and great in
every way, please propose some. Let us first create an "ideal" document. 

The act of creating a "party" will not be decided by any one of us, but by
the People, including you and me. If people - including you and me - think
that they can get rich and powerful on the bandwagon of existing
ideologies, then that is their choice. If this debate goes waste because
we think, at the end of the debates, that we have nothing new to discover
or nothing new to suggest for India's progress, then let these debates
too, be trashed and forgotten. That is everyone's individual choice. 

Thanks for raising these fundamental issues about what we are doing here.