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Re: your mail

On Fri, 22 May 1998, Chacko Jacob wrote:

> It amazes me that inspite of all the combined experience that we bring
to the
> table, no one seems to think that corruption can ruin our best laid plans.

Dear Chacko!

It counter-amazes me (!) that you can even think this would happen,
namely, that two Indians could come together to discuss issues, and
corruption would not be on the top of their agenda. We all love to discuss

Please simply go to the web page and type "corruption" and you would find
a flood of discussion on this topic. There was a very serious debate on
this issue right in the beginning of the formation of this list and most
of the "findings" have been incorporated in the Manifesto. 

New insights are most welcome and the Manifesto is subject to change, in