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RE: Thailand? You said? RE: Population

Sanjeev wrote:

>Country			Average annual growth of population
>				1960-70			1980-90
>"Capitalist model of competition and rapid economic growth"
>S. Korea			2.6			1.1
>Thailand			3.1			1.8
>Hong Kong			2.5			1.4
>"Socialist model of lecturing to people and expecting them to have
>lesser children in the 'public interest'"
>India				2.3			2.1
>Pakistan			2.8			3.1
>Bangladesh			2.5			2.3	


Do you have any numbers on the corresponding economic growth in these
countries over this period. I'm not sure that Thailand experienced
growth as rapid as S. Korea or HK. It would be useful to factor that
into our analysis. Also are there numbers for different measures of
growth available- e.g. not just per capita GNP but, say, mean income,
milk and protein consumption?