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RE: Some American views on nuclearization

Antony Joseph[SMTP:antonyj@tm.net.my] wrote:

>I do see a lot of America hating, Pakistan hating etc as  motivation as
>as topic within our discussion. Can we all be  a little more objective
>look each of them as a different socio-politico-economic (Geez !)
>Despite their hidden objectives, America has some of the ingredients of
>economic model that many nations are trying to acheive ( many of us on
>discussion seem to been in America - the land of OPPOTUNITIES!) .

Antony,I think you have mis-read my comments.
I was pointing out by familiar examples of the US, Pakistan,
_AND_ India that the invocation of an external threat has always been
a political device to persuade people to surrender power to their
leaders in the interest of "national security" or "defense". Note that
I include India in this list. India has plenty of jingoists with the
same flavor as the lackeys of the heritage foundation. 

Yes, the US is a land of opportunity for some of us, I however do not
take that to mean that I will bow down in religious adoration and 
not apply the same standards of critical analysis to the US 
that I would apply to any other country [such as India].