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RE: Thailand? You said? RE: Population

Thank you Antony for pointing out the Kerala case.

I can't help observing here that Kerala has been mostly ruled by
communist party governments. Regardless of the label they attach to
themselves, I think it is significant that they had at least a
theoretical commitment to serve the interests of the majority of the
population and this was executed to a greater extent than elsewhere in
India. [OTOH, they may have been able to serve wider interests because
of the
absence of pre-existing money/power structures that would co-opt a
government as in W. Bengal].

I believe that the situation is also influenced by the quality of
education available to people in Kerala, I'm speculating the quality of
available in Kerala is significantly better than the majority of other
and the higher quality makes it meaningful. A poor quality education 
does not improve chances of employment that uses the education.
Therefore, as Sanjeev points out:

>>. . . as soon as parents start EXPECTING that
>>educating their children (a high investment) will yield significantly
>>probability of higher returns, then they will automatically cut down
>>the number of children they have, VERY rapidly, as in Thailand.

High under-employment is not a serious dis-incentive to education
because alternatives, e.g. employment in agriculture, are not
available or hold even a lower chance of success.


  Antony Joseph[SMTP:antonyj@tm.net.my] wrote
. . .
>But have you looked at Kerala in India?  Somehow  it seems to defy your
>model. The local govt there has made a massive effort to educate the
>You probably know that they have also acheived the lowest population
>rate in India.
> I do not know if there is a serious correlation between the two,
>the anomaly I see is that Kerala does NOT offer any opportunity to the
>educated.( In fact it has very high  under employment.). Isn't this the
>opposite of the situation in Thailand? Maybe education for the parents
>(Kerala model)+ opportunity for the youth (Thai model) is the
>model for India?