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> Sitaramayya Ari wrote:
> It was under the same constitution that we have today. So, what went
>wrong? Why wouldn't your perfect democracy document bite the same dust?
>Explain to me why it won't. If there is a method, why shouldn't it be
>applied to the present document?
>My idea: India doesn't need a new document. It doesn't need a new party.
>Not another one, please. Democracies work when people participate,
>excercise their rights and responsibilities.

I have been observing, from the sidelines, of course :-), the ongoing
discussions. Lack of time has prevented me from jumping in. But what
Sitaramayya Ari stated above and other comments provokes some comment. It
amazes me that inspite of all the combined experience that we bring to the
table, no one seems to think that corruption can ruin our best laid plans.
You can have an independent judiciary, you can create "watch dog" bodies,
and you can formulate new plans. But if the people are as corrupt as they
are, why would a new system be any different than the old system? You can
always buy off the new authorities, can't you? As Mr. Ari points out, many
things worked better at one time. Sure there were a lot of things that
needed change, but are we tackling the issue from a purely theoretical
framework, with ideal people (ready to listen and reason act upon issues in
an upright mannere) and an ideal govt free of corruption? It is not only
those that are in power (who accept the bribes) that are corrupt, it is we
(who give bribes to get our work done) who are equally corrupt! How is the
Manifesto dealing with that? Or can we deal with that at all? As long as we
do not restore a sense of honesty and integrity as well as national pride
(in a good sense), every new form and structure is bound to fail (even if
it appears to succeed for a while)!
        I am not able to participate very actively in the discussion due to
extreme time contraints, but am glad that there is a forum for such
discussion. That sparks hope for our nation!! Thanks.

Chacko Jacob


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