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[Note: This is written in the standard tradition of clobbering Srini
whenever possible, as desired by him]

On Thu, 21 May 1998, Srinivas Rao wrote:

> I think education of the masses and the policy makers in a true
> democratic manner is the best contraceptive. Then, economic success  and
> other things will automatically evolve. 

Education has a lot of "contraceptive" effects. Sure. But on the other
assumption, I completely differ. Economic success has NEVER "followed" 
education in a linear sequence or as an automatic outcome.  The process of
wealth creation is not quite so simple. It requires a vast array of
institutional and environmental pre-conditions that need to be established
with a lot of care.

Economic success comes from entrepreneurship and innovation. And these two
things come from things like private property rights, competition,
markets, regulation, etc., that need to be first established. Many highly
educated folks (like many of us on this list) are wasted on the task of
wealth creation. On the other hand, a T-series casette walla can become
enormously rich through understanding the market demand better and through
competing in the task of production.

We have already discussed this at length and in fact have captured most of
these points in the Manifesto. So I leave it here, but just to re-iterate,
that we should not forget our first and foremost task today is the
revamping of economic policy to encourage wealth creation, and not
education **per se**. 

My reason: We already have a SURPLUS of educated manpower, even at these
low levels of literacy. Educated people are not only unemployed but are
forced to go outside India for jobs or pick up the gun as in Assam. I
don't want more education if it means that we create more terrorists in
India, or we create a huge number of Srinis educated by large amount of
Indian taxpayer resources, to be simply picked up as "free gifts" by USA
and other countries because we have no use for them in India. I want to
make economic opportunities - in India - for all Srinis so that they can
put their education directly to use for India. 
> Approach as defined by Mr. Reddy ( i forget his full name - I can get it
> later if you'd like) who did pioneering work on Bio-gas in an AP village
> represents the true meaning of democracy and the true meaning of
> utilizing education. 

This sounds promising, but I am not quite sure what you mean here. Please
propose in exactly one or two sentences a clause/ statement for the
manifesto which captures what you mean by this and how this can be