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RE: Some American views on nuclearization

I don't understand the point of reviewing or discussing the propaganda
of a right wing think tank like the heritage foundation. The only useful
conclusion I can draw from reading this stuff I already know: that there
are ideologues promoting militarization, and whipping up fear and
hysteria against imaginary "enemies" and "rogue states" [though with a
little reflection it is easy to figure out the identity of the worlds
biggest rogue state ;)]. This is not new or unique, for example,
Pakistani politicians regularly invoke the bogey of an Indian "threat"
as a way of distracting attention from domestic problems as do many
Indian politicians and I see the recent nuclear tests as a manifestation
of this.

Back to the heritage foundation. Who benefits from their propaganda and
flak? My take on this is that they are funded by interests of the very
rich minority of this country that controls most of the wealth [I think
the numbers are: 2% of the population owning 80% of the wealth, 10% own
95%]. During WW2, the US became a command economy, resulting in
guaranteed high corporate profits to industry. With the end of the war,
the cold war was invented as a way of continuing this situation without
the presence of an actual shooting war. Now with the end of the cold
war,  a new reason for channeling public funds [$300 billion/yr] into
corporate boondoggles has to be invented. The papers listed here is a
sampling of the effort in that direction.


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	Subject:  Some American views on nuclearization

	Recent papers on India's nuclear tests by Heritage foundation.  


	> o India's Nuclear Blasts: A Reminder of America's
	>   by Richard D. Fisher
	>   http://www.heritage.org/heritage/library/execmemo/em527.html
	> o Why America Still Needs Ballistic Missile Defense
	>   by The Honorable Don Nickles 
	>   http://www.heritage.org/heritage/library/lecture/hl612.html
	> o Flouting the Constitution: Clinton's New ABM Treaty Lacks
	>   Senate Consent by Thomas Moore 
	> o The ABM Treaty--Not Political Pressure--Causes Risk in
	>   Ballistic Missile Defense by Baker Spring
	>   http://www.heritage.org/heritage/library/execmemo/em521.html

	> o 15 Years and Counting: Why Americans Still Are Vulnerable to
	>   Missile Attack by Thomas Moore