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Fw: Nuclear Tests - India's Stand Point

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Date: Wednesday, May 20, 1998 6:42 PM
Subject: Fwd: Nuclear Tests - India's Stand Point

>>>Here is a letter from scientific officer in the Dept. of Atomic
>>>India...V. Venkataramanan wrote :
>>>Dear Friends,
>>>Take a moment and go through these facts:  I know pretty well that my
>>>friends abroad will have a tough time  convincing their colleagues and
>>>mates on the Indian standpoint on nuclear  tests. I used to defend
>>>French N-test at pacific, just  for the plain fact - conducting
>>>should not be the monopoly of the US.  If any  Americans are preaching
>>>about the values of  nonproliferation and the  like, just humbly
>>>them the history:
>>>1. US is the only nation, thus far, to have used the N-weapons.
>>>2. Maximum number of N-tests were conducted (and are still being
>>>conducted) by US, a whooping 1200 odd tests have been conducted thus
>>>by the Yankees, followed by the erstwhile soviet (700) and China
>>>3. US is the only aggressor in the world, in today's world; it stages
>>>wars  and proxy wars - never for  its country nor to defend it.  It
>>>enjoys wars.
>>>It can  assume mantle to storm the Iraqi deserts, for and on  behalf
>>>Kuwait. They do not even   need an invitation to do that!
>>>4. None of the so called test ban and non-proliferation treaties
>>>proposed  by US talk about dismantling of US N-warheads!
>>>  5. US preaches (and practices) "what is good for americans, is good
>>>for the rest of the world".  Every other nations, unfortunately, are
>>>bullied to buy this theory.
>>>US does not want to play on a level play ground, it stands high above
>>>all,  over a huge stockpile of arms and preaches to the third world
>>>about  the  dangers of it.  Unfortunately, countries like Australia,
>>>which  had  taken a tough stand on Frence' pacific N-test, for its own
>>>ecology  have  to sustain the same on India.  Japan's reaction should
>>>viewed as  plain  anguish of someone who had undergone the horror that
>>>N-weapon was.
>>>But,   just tell them that we will never try to fabricate ICs and
>>>cars and  will buy  from them; they will be happy.
>>>So called, the big five nuclear nations is just an illusion; the US,
>>>erstwhile  USSR, China, France and UK are not the only countries with
>>>N-arm.  Now, we too are there - rightfully, along with a host of
>>>shadow powers  like, Pakistan, N.Korea, S.Korea, Iraq(??), Uzbeck,
>>>Kazak, Turkmenistan,  Ukraine, etc.  The real danger is with the
>>>countries who  have not toiled  to get it, but acquired through other
>>>means.  The  entire  Arab nations  have access from the parts of
>>>ex-USSR; Pakistan has  access  to Chinese technology.
>>>Tell them that India waited for about 25 years before the
>>>forced it to go for the second test.  This reluctance on the part of
>>>India  just indicates that it did not wish to be seen as an aggressor,
>>>it  never  had been one.
>>>Last,  but not least, if anyone is not willing to look into the
>>>realities ask them to shut and ponder about the consequences of 1200
>>>odd  tests by the US.  If 1200+ cannot harm the earthlings, a mere 4
>>>tests can  never do that.
>>>Pass this mail  to anyone, whom you might think would be interested.
>>>I  would welcome all feedbacks; supports and flames.
>>>I am planning to follow this posting with another one on "India
>>>should  now sign the CTBT and NPT"
>>>venky@cat.ernet.in <mailto:venky@cat.ernet.in>
>>>     V. Venkataramanan                          Phone :
>>>     Scientific Officer                                         :
>>>     Center for Advanced Technology         FAX   : +91-731-48 8300
>>>     Department of Atomic Energy            e-mail :
>>>     Indore - 452 013.  INDIA
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