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When I say restricting a family to two children, I do not mean by
forcing it.  I do not want to hamper the freedom of Humanity.  That
is one thing I am very proud of India.  I feel we have more HUMAN
freedom in India that here in the United States.  In a lot of aspects.

The reason I feel so strongly about population is because I have 
very personally seen many families who have 3-5 children not sending
their children to school but having them work at tender ages of
10 -15.  I have seen this very personally around me.  In these
cases, I know that if they had to feed only 2 Children, the
families would have been much better off.  

The reason why this needs so much importance is not for National
Economic reasons.  But for the living conditions in these families.
I consider that many children in India would be in such a situation.
These are the very brief backgrounds of my thinking.

I read through the web-page a long time ago, and I saw the figures
and statistics.  They may be absolutely correct.  But if population
is reduced at the family level, the family living standard would just
sky rocket, and the benefit the nation would have because of that 
would just be the wonderful side effect.

Pardon me folks if I have led you guys to any misunderstandings in
this regard what so ever.  

The reason why I see the need for a ministry for population control 
is for the sole purpose of making sure that people are aware of the
real advantages of a small family in their own lives.  Even if 
100,000 families realize this for the first time and decide on having
a smaller family, I would call the Ministry a success, and would then
feel things are starting to get on track.

The reason why I feel that later this should be merged with the 
department of Education is because the sole purpose of this ministry
would be to 'Educate People'.  Another suggestion would be to merge
this department with the Ministry of Home affairs.  Well this is
for the "Home" of indian citizens.  Well, the home ministry already
has too many things, one more.

Please collaborate