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Some American views on nuclearization

Recent papers on India's nuclear tests by Heritage foundation.  


> o India's Nuclear Blasts: A Reminder of America's Vulnerability
>   by Richard D. Fisher
>   http://www.heritage.org/heritage/library/execmemo/em527.html
> o Why America Still Needs Ballistic Missile Defense
>   by The Honorable Don Nickles 
>   http://www.heritage.org/heritage/library/lecture/hl612.html
> o Flouting the Constitution: Clinton's New ABM Treaty Lacks
>   Senate Consent by Thomas Moore 
>   http://www.heritage.org/heritage/library/backgrounder/bg1174.html
> o The ABM Treaty--Not Political Pressure--Causes Risk in
>   Ballistic Missile Defense by Baker Spring
>   http://www.heritage.org/heritage/library/execmemo/em521.html  
> o 15 Years and Counting: Why Americans Still Are Vulnerable to
>   Missile Attack by Thomas Moore 
>   http://www.heritage.org/heritage/library/backgrounder/bg1166es.html