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Re: Re-inventing the wheel


Thanks for trying to put a structure on this discussion. I think we are a
mixed crowd with mixed interests and time commitments. Therefore, everyone
is welcome to select whatever they wish to write on (point-wise) and to
suggest action points at any level.

The task of putting the stuff on the web is already being done by me, as
you would have noticed, when your earlier point got into the Manifesto
as soon as I could spare time for that.

Personally, I think you may like to pick up health issues since you are a


On Mon, 11 May 1998, Rozario wrote:

> Dear Parag,
> You are sure as hell right. We are not going to reinvent the wheel.  The
> basic components serves most nations well ie the spokes, the rim. We will
> improve it until it is better than a Ferarri or Porshe and we'll call it
> Parag 1. Then we'll come up with better and better models....Parag 2, Parag
> Supersonic, Parag Warpspeed.
> Kush and you are right. In order to improve the policies, we must get the
> details of a policy, analyse it and then work on it. That would mean 1.
> leave it unchanged or 2. improve on certain portions and attend to
> inadequacies or 3.replace it entirely. We need to get the data to work
> with. This will be something new to me and maybe for some of you. It will
> take time getting the data. We can't get it overnight. We have other
> commitments too but we must set aside the time to search for the data.There
> will be lull periods in our discussion when we will be doing our research.
> The complete set of policies and current situation for a particular area
> eg. healthcare must be published on our web page for all to analyse.
> Contributions can then be written below it. As we are at present small in
> numbers, I propose we maximise the resources of the group and first
> concentrate on priority areas. My proposal is to tackle
> 		1. Education
> 		2. Healthcare
> 		3. Sanitation
> 		4. Local manufacturing ( strengthen small and medium sized enterprises)
> 		5. Infrastructure ( highways,airports,seaports)
> 		6. Public Transport
> 		7. Public Housing
> 		8. Banking ( strengthening local banks)
> 		9. Trade and Investment (must be favourable to India)
> 	           10. Police reform
> If there are other areas to be included in this list, please let me know.
> Perhaps there should be a division of labour among us? There are other
> areas I feel are important such as Defence, Foreign Policy, exploiting
> Information Technology for our people. These will come in due course,
> though as the group gets bigger and more Indian professionals contribute,
> they are free to tackle areas they are better versed in. We must submit
> this information to one person, preferably a computer expert who can then
> display it on the web page
> John