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-- Population... what do we do there?


Good priorities....

I have to disagree somewhat.... As people who have seen my mails
in the past will realize... I am a person who thinks that one
of the TOP 3 problems India faces is POPULATION.

I somehow feel very disturbed when I do not see enough attention
given to this subject.  I know some of you consider that Population
is very much related to Education.  But this is a very good solution
for the long term only.  We need to have short and long term goals.
For the Short term I do not feel that it is advisable to merge this
with the Education.

Something HAS to be done in the short term(s) about Population.

Imagine, our population was about 25 crores in 1947.
Now it is almost 1 Billion we have quadrupled the population in just
50 years.  That is every 25 years the population is doubling.  This
is an extremely high number and very very disturbing.

I feel that until the population CRISIS is not under control, we
should have a 'Ministry of Population' and once things seem to be
in control, we should merge it with the Ministry of Education, or 
the Ministry of Home.  (Please suggest).

This ministry's main goal should be to take necessary steps to curtail
the growth of population.

Now our population grows by about 2.5% per anum.  This ministry should
formulate its own agenda (May be we can discuss this on this list).

It should address some issues like

Enforcing one family not more than two children. (Not forcing like China)
Making sure that people are aware of the consequences of large families.
Making sure that People do get access to all the new family planning
technologies at very affordable costs.

Lets disucss