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Re: Turnabout

> I hope you are not thinking of recreating the process. 

Dear Utkarsh,

You know that we are not "re-creating" anything. We are only trying to
help create, if at all a small bunch of people can truly create anything. 
In reality, it is the People who, if convinced about the goals, methods,
and the quality of people involved, will create. It is we who were created
by India. We are too small to "create" anything for a whole nation like
India. At this stage, India can only be "rebuilt" by all Indians,
together. We can help in that process, together.

Let us therefore tread gingerly and try to help each other understand what
it is we want to create and why, and then, maybe, the People will do the
creation themselves.

Let us explore all ideas - that is why I reluctantly agreed to go into the
"overall" proposed plan, which might still be too premature. The primary
goal, I believe, is still the first one: document the best ideas, and be
very, very specific about what you (anyone on this list or outside) would
actually DO if allowed by the People to do what you want to do.

Please feel free to share whatever you have in mind. I am proud of the
work you and others in BDP have done, in organizing highly educated,
well-settled and concerned Indians in the USA and elsewhere: a task that
was long over-due. Let your ideas be listed in the Ideal Action Plan (or
whatever else you wish to call it), and debated by those interested in
these issues. 

However, let me make the innate reluctance of all cynical Indians, very
clear, at the outset.  As a concerned individual, any educated Indian
(including me) will only subscribe to an actual political group if (a) he
or she believes that the ideas are good and (b) the people are at least
better than average, and generally honest. 

We have too many ambitious people trying to go about the business of
politics in India without the slightest clue about what is the cause of
the problems in India, and how these problems can be solved. Or, they
might simply be parrotting some outdated dogma without doing their own
research on discovering the truth. I don't care, and most educated Indians
- who have disengaged themselves from politics - don't care about "good
intentions," nor even "dynamic action" per se. 

I care for, deeply and sincerely, the best ideas, the best solutions. I
care for an open mind which is willing to set aside his or her biases and
explore the "ideal" or optimal way of doing things in a given situation. 
Therefore, if we wish to attract the bulk of the educated classes, and the
uneducated, too, we must respect their innate cynicism of anyone who
dabbles in politics. We need to respect them by showing Each of them how
and why the ideas that we have hammered together, are better than other
ideas floating around. 

At this stage, unfortunately, (a) the ideas are not yet the best: the
debates have just begun and (b) most of the best people are still not
willing to join the debate since they have never heard of this debate, and
those who have heard of it, think, logically, that this is one more group
wishing to go for politics before knowing what they will do. 

I will personally not be a party to a political group unless I know for
sure that it is genuinely clear about its goals and methods. Let me hear
more about what you or anyone else has to offer to India. 

Persuade me, Persuade the common man, Persuade the common mother of three
children in the village. 

> It is good to see you on board for the action plan. In my
> understanding that is what lacking in India today. 

Yes, I am "on board" for a proposed,'ideal' action plan. 


On whether this action plan is the "miraculous missing piece of the
puzzle" that India is lacking today, I seriously doubt it. I think India
does not know itself. It does not know what to do, where to go, how to
show itself to the world. Clear knowledge of its abilities, goals,
methods: this is what India is lacking today. I showed you some of the
statements made by Indian "leaders" on the Tata-SIA airlines case - just
an illustration - and you can detect complete confusion about what they
want, what they are afraid of, and so on. Brownian motion: is this country
of India. Hither and thither, thither and hither. Pillar to post. Post to

Let me bore you a bit more and re-iterate my humble view on this, for
whatever it is worth. Action plans without clear ideas of what IS to be
done are completely futile.  Nothing will come out of this unless you, I
and others, here, and elsewhere, agree to the fundamentals outlined in the
Preamble, Manifesto, Agenda and Policy Framework. And these are not yet
ready, even in the draft. I detect this great urge everywhere to "do"
something. That is nothing but the urge to Brownian motion, something we
should leave aside at the moment. 

I would rather we have five people who know exactly what they want, and
then these five particles, together, can help organize the remaining
millions of Brownian particles. 

Also, remember, at this preliminary stage of debate, I am not bound to
agree to what you think and vice versa. After the debates, we both and
many others, here, will agree on what we want. The vision will emerge
clear like a crystal. If no such vision emerges, then we will go back our
own business of life, as usual. 

In 1998, therefore, let us focus our energies on this immediate task. As
mentioned in the previous mail, please contact all people whom you know,
all alumni associations, etc., and ask them to join in the debate.

Hope that helps us understand each other better...

With regards,