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Dear friends,

I had a change of heart yesterday night. After seeing the huge enthusiasm
among members of the list to "do something," I think those who wish to
think of that aspect, can do so, and their ideas will be listed and
debated under a new heading, "Ideal Action Plan."

This will now be the 5th item open for discussion (Preamble, Manifesto,
Agenda, Policy Framework and now Ideal Action Plan).

I was being a bit stubborn, insisting on getting the ideas clear first.
But maybe both of these can go together. Some people might be good in
thinking about organizational issues and others in the policy issues. Let
us not deny people the right to specialize in their own areas of interest.

In that context, let me summarize a gist of the "currently" held action

* 	Make sure that the ideas are the best ideas.

*	Expand the debate.

*	Form a political group, if necessary, on the 1st of Jan., 2000.
	This should be formed simultaneously all over the country. 

*	Open a training school for members so that people not only
	understand what the group stands for but they are skilled in
	organizing public debate.

*	Propagate and further debate the currently "best" ideas at each
	level. Have a newsletter, etc. Talk to the people constantly.
	Reach out to those who will oppose the change.

*	Start selecting the best people for leadership positions in 
	each state and each district and lower level.

*	Make clear the penalties for unethical behaviour, and 
	define conduct rules.

*	If sufficiently large, and sufficiently well-funded, then
	register as an all-India political group. 

*	Contest the battle for the People's vote.

*	Implement the ideas like a professionally well-oiled 
	corporation, systematically building a new India,
	involving all people, i.e., in the spirit of inclusiveness.

This is of course an ideal plan. There is much that needs refinement,
debate, and each point above can and should be challenged till the best
action plan emerges.

This again, let me insist, should be a purely academic plan. Its being put
into action will depend on the quality of (a) ideas generated and (b) 
people who participate in the expansion of the debate. I think we have the
right to insist on not only getting the best ideas but the best people,
particularly from among the youth who are between 20 and 50 today. 
India_policy must reach out to the universities as soon as possible. 
Conact your alumni associations and ask them to get more people to
participate in this debate.