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Re: What are we doing here?

On Tue, 19 May 1998, BDP India wrote:

>  The whole notion of this discussion group is to support a
> political movement. 

I would suggest and think that at this stage let us be very very academic
about it. Feeling the urge to change things has brought us together, but
the purpose of this list is clear: to formulate a manifesto/ agenda for an
"ideal" political party.  It is, and will remain a purely academic
exercise, as far as India_policy is concerned, subject to constant debate
and discussion.

Other groups, other forum exist, or can be made to exist, for putting into
practice what the people here and elsewhere, think, and want. 

What we need to do is to not only learn and record what "we" the few on
this list, want, how we should get to achieve each and every thing that we
want, specifically, but to expand the debate so that more and more people
find out what "they" want to see happen, and then, finally, something may
happen, if the people want to see it happen. People. Each of the people
counts as one! One!