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RE: Proposals for restoring law and order

On Tue, 19 May 1998, Sitaramayya Ari wrote:

> quite distinct ideologies. AP is ruled by TDP whose ideology is just
> staying in power at all costs. Bengal is ruled by communists and
> Maharashtra by BJP-Shiv Sena. But when it comes to killing people in
> custody, there is no difference between these states. So, ideology has
> little to do with it. Brutality is just a habit with the police. 

Dear Sitaramayya,

This is a discussion group. We are framing an 'ideal' manifesto and
agenda. Do you have in mind a clear and detailed blueprint of how you are
going to stop deaths in police custody?  Please present it to us. 

Merely writing to ministers and giving them prizes is not a solution. We
are (and I can personally assure you India's home secretary, is surely) 
looking for such a remarkable set of ideas which, if implemented, will
solve this problem. In fact, they would award you a check if you could
come up with a truly successful, implementable, idea on how to stop
custodial deaths. So, let us have the very specific solution that I (or
you), as a Home Minister of India (image it for a moment) can implement. 

> I am from AP. Two months ago there was an incident in AP which was
> absolutely ugly. An SI refused to file a case of rape because it was a
> poor woman who came to lodge the complaint. The perpetrator of rape was a
> rich guy. The SI asked her to accept 3000 rupees and get lost. She
> refused. His alternate suggestion was to bring 40,000 as dowry and ask the
> rapist to marry her. No, this is not a joke. 

I think this is exactly the kind of thing Charu raised. I quote from the
	   That we have no time to listen to a discourse on India's
           problems, or why they came about, but only in finding the
           best solution to those problems, TODAY.

Let the focus be on suggesting a sharply defined and clear-cut solution to
the problem.

> Otherwise, we are simply irrelevant arm-chair
> politicians. 

We make ourselves as relevant or irrevant as we wish to. Protesting about
problems is only one, temporary, way to "solve" them. Let us not protest,
alone. Let us be very clear not only in what we want, but how we want it
to happen (i.e., at the Policy Framework level).

> Let's get mad as hell
> whether the government screws up in Madras or Bombay. 

Once again, a small request. We always get the government we deserve. If a
government has fouled up somewhere, it is us, as people, who have foulded
up somewhere. So, we can either allow ourselves to get mad, or to put into
place a system which will work, well after we are dead and gone. Let us
try for the serious solution and not a populist "get mad"  solution. 

Thanks for your enthusiasm. We need all the enthusiasm. And we need
serious thought to the mechanics of governance.

Go Sitaramayya! Let us get your ideas down, crisp and clear, and find out
the solutions!