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Re: My concern.

On Tue, 19 May 1998, KARTHIK wrote:

  After gathering the 
> neccessary ideas, let us debate over it and converge towards 
> the best.

Go for it Karthik! Go and steal the best gems of wisdom for us, great
Pirate! If you did not know, I too am in the same business. I am Don
Sabhlok the Greatest James Bond! 

Please verify the details from my secret web page:


> I have one more question. After arriving to a good model, how are we
> going to convince the Indian government that this is a good model
> to follow ?? Do we have a hold over Indian political decisions ??

That will be seen AFTER we arrive at a good model. We don't need to worry
about the future. Let us focus on the task at hand. What do you say? By
the way, this question has been answered a bit in the past. Please search
the archives.

Removing the permanence to the govt. jobs:

> I want to add one more point to the debate. Now in India, once a person 
> gets a government job, nobody can touch him. (Pls. correct me if I am
> wrong ). 

Actually, you can. You can touch the person. In a DTC bus or in a crowded
hallway of a cinema or someplace like that. Wow! What a touch! You are
zapped into the seventh heaven with that touch! 

  Government jobs should
> not be "forever". Some policies from the private must be inherited.

I'm not quite sure. What I have proposed instead (under Administrative
Reform in the Manifesto) is that the highest decision making levels should
be recruited from the best in India, no matter where these people are
found. However, it is perhaps a good idea to let a Police constable be a
Police constable for the whole of his life.  Anyhow, please furnish a
detailed argument, if possible, and a brief line or two expressing the
summary, for inclusion at the appropriate place in the manifesto/agenda.