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RE: Proposals for restoring law and order

On Tue, 19 May 1998, Kush Khatri wrote:

> Apart from trained police we need trained attorney generals
> (prosecutors) an institution that India does not have.  

We have a complete set of public attorneys (prosecutors) in place. Their
training is something that can be upgraded.  

> Additionally we must separate custody and prison systems from the
> police. 

It already is. The Deputy Commissioner (or a magistrate) is mandated to
inspect each prison once a month (I've done many such inspections). The
jail administration is completely separate from the Police administration.
The deaths that we hear about are not in "jail" (judicial custody), but in
Police custody which is a local lock-up in each Police station, where the
third degree is sometimes (not always, please believe me: I have been to
zillions of Police Stations) practiced. 

> these "systems" are already there for us to study and implement.  

Most of these already exist in India. Let us be very specific on what we
want to change and why.

> The manifesto must clearly state that torture by police or anyother
> human being or institution will be a crime against humanity and people
> indulging in such crimes shall be prosecuted accordingly. 

A statement similar to this is in the Manifesto. Do you want to change it?
Please propose the exact wording.