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Re: law and order

On Tue, 19 May 1998, Antony Joseph wrote:

  your manifesto does not seem to be very
> different from those of the current policy makers in India.

Dear Antony, this is not "my" manifesto. This is yours. Please feel free
to debate any point, or to bring in any particular statement which you
feel will enhance the quality of the work.

  it may make more sense to give them hard facts/information
> which will help them to form better polcies?

If you notice, I am trying to add some "key" facts whenever necessary to
substantiate a particular statement. That is the great advantage of the
web. Please compile such facts and put them up for debate. These will be
surely included.

> I hope I didn't barge in and interrupt your enthusiatic discussion.

Not at all! And cheers to you!


PS: You might to do a bit of homework before suggesting any particular
point. Try searching for that particular topic on the search page. And
then, try to see if a statement has already been made on the same point in
the manifesto/agenda/etc. If so, then you will know exactly what to
propose: a good, pithy collection of points, or a revised statement, or
data, or whatever.