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Manifesting the Manifesto

I am not exactly new to this group. I have been one of those silent
bystanders. Being at work, I often browse through every mail I get and
read some that catch my eye. One thing I have constantly felt that we
are discussing all this -somebody said it right - exaclty like a PhD
dissertation. all this brain storming and discussing things to death on
issues that are, as Mahatma Gandhi puts it, as old as the hills. No, I
am not saying that all this is useless but merely that it too would
gather dust like (debatably) most dissertations do if there is no action
plan. I think Mr. Sitaramayya Ari asks valid questions.

> Is the purpose of this group to formulate ideas for somebody else to
> follow? Or do some of you plan to take the plunge into politics and
> practice them? Or do you plan to do something about the current
> situation
> rather than wait until an auspicious moment comes around? If the
> answer is
> "yes" to the first question, I don't want to continue in this group.
> If
> "yes" to the second, I don't mind listening to your discussions. If
> the
> answer is "yes" to the last question, I hope this group grows in
> numbers
> and I will stick around for a long time.  
Quite frankly, I haven't spent as much time as some of you guys have and
therefore may not have got the entire story and the goals of this group.
Thinking, discussing, formulating ideas is good and a vital step for
lasting success. Everyone has opinions,  some think beyond their
opinions, only a few actually do something about them. Now, how can we
fall into the third category is something that can be...........
discussed (ha!).

Personally, I do not care whether it is a political party or an
altruist's club as long as there is a willingness to get things done.

Action Plans could be of two kinds. One that do something rightaway,
support an organization that helps education, maybe setup NRI fund
scholarships for the bright and/or needy...........heck, i do not know
..there can be 'n' number of things that can get going rightaway while
debatable issues are being tackled. These would be of the second kind.
But every idea we come up with has to have an implementation plan. This
way, I think we generate ineterest, will be taken seriously. If we want
to succed we have to market ourselves. we need to do all the things
people want ot be done apart from all the brain storming. Awareness
comes from intrigue. Let us not forget that.

May be I am operating in different plane here. But I believe anything we
do should have two faces to it. one is to generate thoughts and the
other to get things rolling.  I therefore, think Mr. Ari hit the nail
right on the head.

> This is how we should participate. Intellectual discussions
> on what is good and what is bad are fine. But we should put our money
> where our mouths are. Otherwise, we are simply irrelevant arm-chair
> politicians. 
> Somebody said that all Indians are one people and that we are one
> nation.
> I don't want to get into whether we are or we are not. 
Please correct me if my understanding of this group is in any way
deficient while I put my billable hours to their rightful use ( and to
think that I was voicing my opinion over matters like corruption, etc. )

Srinivas Rao