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What are we doing here?

This is an attempt to answer Mr. Sitaramayya Ari question. In my understanding, the whole notion of this discussion group is to support a political movement. At least that is what I had envisioned when I got involved. Please let me know if is otherwise. 

A few of us had started a group name "Bhartiya Democratic Party" with the intent to bring all the educated and concerned Indians to come under one ubrella to either involve BDP politically in India or create a voice thru this group to bring the required change to the status quo.

Sanjeev did see the BDP webpage and we joind hands in defining a set of solutions to our problems. This we thought was necessary because if just oppose without a well planned solutions, opposition to any solution had no meaning. 

Like Mr. Ari has asked, we need to constantly remind the participants that the goal is to act in two directions. One is to bring a very big number of individuals under an umbrella to send out a unified voice to the status quo. Second we need to debate and finalize a particulat message after we have debated and finalized our unified stance. 

In my opinion, exclusion of one will not have much impact. Some of us might not act politically, but we should wake up enough people to get our voices heard.
Finally, if we think that we can change status quo living in the US by asking the ministers to change the system, I personally am not very hopeful. In my vision we need to awake millions of Indians living in India to come under one umbrella to challenge the status quo politically and any other way possible.

Having said my vision, I am open to other suggestions.


Utkarsh Kansal

P.S.: If any of the members from India Policy has not seen BDP webpage, please visit at


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