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Legislative compensation

I read these interesting comments by Gary Ruskin of "congressional
reform" organization.  Earlier on this list we were talking about
raising legislative compensation in India (I fully support that
proposal as long as salaries of ALL in the GOI are increased by the
same proportion also). Here is what Mr. Rusking have to say about the
present compesation of US legislators.

"Members of Congress currently earn a salary of $136,682 per year,
plus generous pensions, perks, and other benefits. With such lavish
compensation, House Members do not need more handouts from lobbyists. 
Members of Congress also voted themselves a pay raise of $3,082.80
effective at the beginning of this year.  

This overgenerous congressional compensation package is corrosive to
democracy.  Many Members of Congress develop such a high-flying, go-go
lifestyles that they forget the economic trials and indignities of
ordinary Americans.  This leads to legislation which benefits
corporate and wealthy elites, at the expense of ordinary Americans."

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