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My concern.

Dear folks,

As Kush has correctly pointed out,  I doubt whether we need to
reinvent the wheel again. No doubt, it is a good exercise for all
of us to move towards our goal. But I am also afraid that our group
is not very big and the views may be a little far from the perfect.

In my opinion, a wiser way could be to "steal" the neccessary ideas 
from similar discussions/books, etc. After gathering the 
neccessary ideas, let us debate over it and converge towards 
the best.

I have one more question. After arriving to a good model, how are we
going to convince the Indian government that this is a good model
to follow ?? Do we have a hold over Indian political decisions ??

I want to add one more point to the debate. Now in India, once a person 
gets a government job, nobody can touch him.(Pls. correct me if I am
wrong ). This is a misinterpreted "freedom". That's why we find many
irresponsible people in the government sector who indirectly 
contribute to the highly inertial growth. So, government jobs should
not be "forever". Some policies from the private must be inherited.
What do you think ?

-- Karthik.