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Re: "Dimwits"

Prem thanks for the kind words and the encourgement.  I do not think
that anyone on this list is a "dimwit." My profuse apologies to you
and to all on this list if even mistakenly I gave that impression.  We
are all in this together. The task before us is monumental.  But I am
confident we will get it done.  Following the Ph.D's here on the list,
I am seriously thinking of doing one! Can any one take the GRE for me?
   With sincere regards and  utmost respect for all on India_policy.
Kush Khatri, D.C.

"Premkumar S. Rallabandi" <psr3855@unix.tamu.edu> wrote:
> Kush wrote:
> >I do not know why others are quiet.  One of the reasons why I have
> >been quiet is that I find it frustrating when we try to reinvent the
> >wheel.  I have maintained that barring some exceptions India's
> >problems with democracy and government are not unique.  Therefore, we
> >must learn from others as much as we can.   
> Excelent thought! But I urge you not to get frustrated with the
> like me but to propose how this can be done. It is indeed heartening
> know that our job had been cut-out for us a great deal and there are 
> a lot of things already said and done about most of the things, if not
> all, we are trying so hard write down. We can close down the
> forum soon and get back to our respective businesses - I am dying to
> finish my PhD.
> Thanks for your invaluable input.
> Prem.

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