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Re: Back in action!

On Sun, 17 May 1998, Parag Bhatt wrote:

> Hello Sanjeev,
> You sent a very good explanation about India's stance on the
> Nuclear Option.  I fully agree with your idea for the "IDEAL"
> manifesto with respect to destruction of all nuclear weapons.

I love it when someone agrees with me! Actually, I appreciate it equally
when I face strong disagreement, as that makes me question my assumptions
and look into my arguments more carefully. I am always on the side of
greater reason and greater boldness of vision.

Well, on a serious note, I have added the names of Atul Gupta and Parag
Bhatt to the list of contributors on the IndiaPolicy web page, based on my
quick scan of the contributors in the recent past. If these contributors
have any objections to this, please let me know.

I may have missed some active contributors: if so please forgive me; and
let me know at once. Further, as we all know, the list of contributors is
not intended to reflect only "active"  contributors, but also those who
watch from the sidelines and "support"  this mammoth effort. Please let me
know and I will have your names show up on the web page. 

For the second time (I think) I would request the listed contributors to
let me have a digital scan of theirs along with a very brief write up on
their background and what they are doing at the moment. This is necessary
since most of us have never met nor seen each other and it will be a
delight to look at each other for the first time; it will also show where
certain strengths of the subscribers lie, so that we can tap into those