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Re: Proposals for restoring law and order (fwd)

Kush wrote:
>I do not know why others are quiet.  One of the reasons why I have
>been quiet is that I find it frustrating when we try to reinvent the
>wheel.  I have maintained that barring some exceptions India's
>problems with democracy and government are not unique.  Therefore, we
>must learn from others as much as we can.   

Excelent thought! But I urge you not to get frustrated with the dim-wits
like me but to propose how this can be done. It is indeed heartening to
know that our job had been cut-out for us a great deal and there are 
a lot of things already said and done about most of the things, if not
all, we are trying so hard write down. We can close down the discussion
forum soon and get back to our respective businesses - I am dying to
finish my PhD.
Thanks for your invaluable input.