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RE: Proposals for restoring law and order

Kush Khatri[SMTP:free_voice@yahoo.com] wrote:

<stuff deleted>

>The key to any responsive
>police force is training.  I did not read the word training in the
>proposals below.   This issue came up very recently when some New York
>police officers were accused (and are now being tried) of cruelty
>toward a segment of immigrants.  The issue of trianing keeps coming up
>with police behavior toward the black community in particular.

I agree entirely. 
I also believe that it is time to root out the use
of torture in all police investigations. As far as I know, the use of
torture is routine in Indian police work.

<stuff deleted>

>Regarding security deposits on dharnas, etc.  Let us be careful here. 
>Let us not assume that all dharnas are bad and violent.   Citizens in
>a democracy will always have their right to protest legally and
>peacefully.   The police force must arrest and prosecute people who
>are not peaceful or are doing illegal things that encroach upon other
>people's rights. 

>But asking for security deposit so that people can exercise their
>rights violates basic democratic norms. What are needed are laws on
>demonstrations and labor strikes.   
Another excellent point. Laws requiring security deposits invite abuse
in that they can be used to exclude anyone without money.