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Taking a break

Hi folks,

I notice (belatedly !) that I've spoken too much. Perhaps more than
half the over 160 messages on the list were posted by me, so far.

Now I need to sit still for at least three days and catch up on my
research. I would request those who were sitting on the sidelines to come
in and let us know their views on:

a) Do you think indiapolicy is a worthwhile exercise? If so why, if not
why not? Shall we continue, shall we shut down? Do you see any "hope" at
the end of the tunnel: for the possibility of getting a draft Manifesto/
for the possibility of expanding the debate?

b) Do we seem to be moving toward a consensus or is there a fundamental
difference of perception involved? 

c) What topics need more work, and what should we be focusing on at this

I would really appreciate if some other folk who have not spoken up so
far, do so. Maybe on the above topics, maybe on anything else.

I want to listen. I think we all want to listen to other subscribers to
this list. Listening to me is such a bore ... 

(use this golden opportunity to get your points in folks! I promise not to
respond for three days! this is it! a once in a lifetime opportunity!)