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Re: ACHA Bulletin 5/13

Dear Pritam,

Thanks for including me in the bulletin's circulation list. I am
requesting other members of india_policy to write to you to be included,
if they like. [There is a little spelling error in my name (sabhlok,
instead of sablok) sent out in your bulletin, but that is OK since the url
of indiapolicy is OK.]

I believe that while I fully support the point you have raised in the
bulletin regarding the recent nuclear tests, it would be best if we worked
on these issues together in the indiapolicy list, and focus on creating
the actual agenda that we can not only live with but hopefully,
ultimately, implement. The current consensus on this issue on the list
reads as follows: 

	   As military expenditures contribute nothing to the creation
           of prosperity, and drain resources from activities that do,
           we advocate the goal global disarmament by all nations
           and the banning of all weapons of mass destruction.
           However, as long as other nations maintain stockpiles of
           these weapons we retain the right to develop such
           weapons as a defense. 

I would urge you and your colleagues/ friends to actively debate the
issues in writing, and in front of the entire "world" so that we can not
only arrive at a consensus that we believe in but learn from each other. 

The idea is to debate issues and to study them in the true scientific
spirit, and with enthusiasm and hope for the brotherhood and togetherness
of all the South Asian nations, particularly Pakistan, India and



On Wed, 13 May 1998, Pritam K. Rohila wrote:

> This Bulletin is being relayed as a part of ACHA's South Asian community
> service program. Please let us know, if you do not want to receive this kind
> of information and want to have your name removed from our email list. Also,
> please let us know if someone should be added to the list.
> ACHA is dedicated to promote peace and harmony among South Asians regardless
> of where they live.  Current Board Members are Pritam Rohila (President),
> Jagdish Grewal (Secretary), Dr. Abdul Qayum (Secretary), and Dr. Kanak R.
> Ravel. For more information please contact us at by telephone at
> 503-362-4635, or 503-658-4715, or by email at <pritamr@open.org>.
> ***************************************************************************
> NOTE: In future, this Bulletin will be sent primarily on Wednesdays. We
> include only the information that we know of, and that is consistent with
> our Mission. Please let us know, if you would like us to include any event
> of interest to you.
> Arms race in South Asia:  India exploded a nuclear device in 1974. Pakistan
> countered with a nuclear armament development program of it own. Then India
> started development of missiles,   Agni, Aakash, and Trishul. Pakistan
> responded to it recently with test firing of Ghauri. Now India has exploded
> a total of 5 nuclear devices yesterday and today. And the quest for arms
> that can destroy more people, faster and at greater distances goes on.
> Billions of Rupees are being spent by the Governments of India and Pakistan
> on development of means of mass destruction, while millions of their
> citizens go without enough food, shelter, health and sanitation service and
> literacy. 
> I seriously doubt, that officials on either side of the turbulent border
> will be able to live with their conscience,  if ever any of these arms were
> used for its intended purpose. Most probably like the Stars Wars System in
> USA and similar programs in the former USSR, these arms will eventually end
> up developing rust and will be sold as scrap metal. 
> It is a pity, that the government officials in India and Pakistan have not
> learnt any lesson from the history of the subcontinent, that since the days
> of Alexander the Great (326 BC), only foreigners have benefitted from
> disagreements within families and dissensions between neighbors. 
> Pritam Rohila
> HOLIDAYS:  May 25 Memorial Day, June 9 Kabir Jayanti,  14 Flag Day, 21
> Father's Day
> CALENDAR (5/13/98) 
> May 15, Friday, 1:00 p.m.: RED DOOR, a film form India, marks the start of
> 1998 Asian Film Tour, hosted by the Center for Asian & Pacific Studies, at
> Bijou Art Cinema, at 492 E. 13th, Eugene. Admission $1. More info from
> <Aweiss@oregon.uoregon.edu>
> May 16 &17, Saturday & Sunday, 2 p.m: KEEMAT, an Indian movie at Cinemagic
> theater starring Raveena Tandon, Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar & Sonali
> Bendre, & Music by Rajesh Roshan. More info from http://www.IndiaFoods.com
> or <indiaemporium@hotmail.com>
> May 17, Sunday, 10:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.: ALL INDIA CONFERENCE ON POLITICAL
> REFORM, Pune University, Pune, India organized by the Committee for People's
> Empowerment. More info from <seth@me.iitb.ernet.in>
> May 19, Tuesday, 5:30 p.m.: OUR MULTICULTURAL COMMUNITY, a World Affairs
> Council Women's Forum presentation, at Portland State University,  by Karen
> Ettinger, Director, Building Bridges, a community resource center for
> international, multicultural and peace education. Admission a potluck dish
> or $5. More info from Wendy Amin 503-274-7488.
> May 19-24: Visitors from several countries including NEPAL will participate
> in 3-day internships with Oregon cultural organizations. More info from
> World Affairs Council 503-274-7488.
> June 1-August 7: An intensive beginning GUJARATI course to be offered at the
> University of Pennsylvania by Prof. Babu K. Suthar of the Department of
> Linguistics, MS University, Baroda.. More info from College of General
> Studies at 215-898-7326 or <eballard@sas.upenn.edu>
> June 14, Sunday, 5-8 p.m.: ACHA's  WOMEN'S DAY celebration in Portland.
> Designed to express our appreciation of the important role women play in our
> lives, the celebration centers around a pot-luck dinner consisting of dishes
> prepared, created, assembled and served by men.Also, men will be invited to
> read poetry, read short essays, or make similar other presentations,
> appropriate for this occasion. Presentations can be in any language, and do
> not have to be created by the presenters. Participants do not have to be
> ACHA members. There is no admission fee, but advance reservation is
> required. Soft drinks and paper goods will be provided. More info from
> 503-362-4635, 503-658-4715, or <pritamr@open.org>.
> June 22-26: INDIAN SOCIETY THROUGH FILM, an intensive course (INTL 407/507)
> to be offered at the University of Oregon by Dr. Anita Weiss, Associate
> Professor, International Studies Program. More info from
> <Aweiss@oregon.uoregon.edu>
> Fellowships in India for study of the performing and visual arts as well as
> for  for research into such diverse topics as urban development and
> planning, watershed management, family/ kinship/ village organization, as
> well as studies of Indian folklore, Buddhist philosophy, ancient Sanskrit
> and Tamil texts, the arts, and art history. Fellowships are  offered by
> American Institute of Indian Studies Fellowship Program. Deadline for
> applications is July 1. More info from American Institute of Indian Studies,
> 1130 E. 59th St., Chicago, Illinois 60637,  773/702-8638;
> <aiis@midway.uchicago.edu>; WWW: http://kaladarshan.arts.ohio-state.edu
> Grass roots political reform movement in India being organized by Bhartiya
> Democratic Party.  BDP wants to provide a vehicle for concerned Indians
> living in India and abroad to come together and challenge the present
> unethical and non-visionary political establishment at the state and
> national levels. They believe that India's problems can only be solved by
> electing educated and honest individuals with a political will to implement
> the right socio-economic policies. More info from http://www.BDP-India.org
> or <BDP.India@mailexcite.com>
> India Policy, an email discussion group has been started by Utkarsh Kansal
> <bdp.india @mailexcite. com> and Sanjeev Sablok <sablok@almaak.usc.edu> to
> prepare an agenda for reform in India "that is modern, based on research,
> and inclusive." More info from them or at
> http://www.indiaconsult.com/indiapolicy
> Hi Pritam: Was surprised to see movie details being added to the list (ACHA
> Bulletin 4/29/98). Trying to think about  Communal Harmony for Asia and
> Hindi movie ads.  Some of my concerns
> to start with: 
> 1. Movies events are profit-oriented businesses (I presume), hence I am
> concerned about the publicity given to such events on a non-profit
> organization mailing list.
> 2. Does this mean, going forward, I can expect to see all regional movie
> events.  
> 3. Does this open us to a gamut of similar regional events to be announced
> where de we draw the line. 
> ....not sure. Want you all to consider these issues. Thank you, P.T.
> Hi, P.T, It is good to hear from you.  We understand your concerns.  We are
> not trying to promote any private or commercial outfit. But, we are
> including happenings that might be of interest to South Asians in our area. 
> The theme of harmony underlies all our efforts, since we do not discriminate
> among various South Asian groups in our bulletins, and they ARE SENT to all
> South Asians to whom we have access. 
> Please, share more of your thoughts about the matter with us.  We value your
> opinions.
> Pritam Rohila, Editor
> ***********************************************************************