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India conducts Nuclear Tests....


In my opinion the whole idea of India becoming nuclear is a distraction from real issues for a common man. I remember reading ending of "city of joy", where this poor slum girl is joyous telling everybody that India exploded an atom bomb. 

Seems to me kid named India is trying to get attention. I am still to figure out as exploding another bomb helps reduce poverty or brings prosperity to India. I agree that we should not sign CTBT if we do not want. Everybody knows that we can make nuclear arms. We told that so to the world 25 years ago. May be Pakistan and China are scared. I am not sure that if we had a nuclear device, can the rest of the world really let us use it.

Finally I thought that we are going to discuss issues which are relevent to improve the living conditions for Mr. Average Man in India. Let us talk about such issues. I am wondering if any of the IAS officers on the list will share their experiences in building an agenda. If not I am not sure what is their contribution being here. 



Parag Bhatt[SMTP:pbhatt@fmi.fujitsu.com] wrote:
>>You are right in the thought that all nuclear tests/weapons should come
>>to an end.
>>I guess it is important to disucuss CTBT and NPT on this list.
>>But, one good reason to conduct these tests is to give these
>>country's who have the "RIGHT" to conduct the tests even though
>>they sign the treaty a second thought. If they are not
>>going to change the treaty to make sure that there are "NO" 
>>test conducted at all.  No exceptions, by-laws.  Then it
>>makes sense to sign this treaty and to make sure that
>>not only are tests banned, but also all weapons are banned.
>A similar statement was made by a spokesman of the BJP, Dr Naidu,
>in an interview with the BBC- once ALL nations agree to a ban on
>testing and stockpiling nuclear weapons India will join in. I agree.
>>. . . National security is more important
>>than just thinking what is right and what is wrong.  We cannot
>>sit Idle and not do anything when we have a threat (Not Direct)
>>from China/Pakistan on their Nuclear programmes.
>I'm leery of the use of vague terms like "national security" since
>this is a broad term used to justify all kinds of skullduggery. It
>makes more sense to ask a more specific question- is India under
>threat of a nuclear attack by Pakistan or China or any other country?
>My opinion is, with a 95% certainty, no. Under that framework,
>developing nuclear weapons are a waste of resources, and in case India
>is attacked by a nuclear state, having Nuclear weapons increases the
>probability of their use against India.
>I'll concede that there is a certain psychological upside in
>increasing the confidence of the Indian scientific and engineering
>community in that this is a demonstration that they are capable of
>developing technologies independently and successfully, but I also
>feel that it is possible to focus these resources towards the more
>productive task of making India a technological super power in the
>commercial arena.
>>. . . These tests are
>>just for letting the world know that if India is a Nuclear Target.
>>They will be too.  Basically it is to stop other nations from 
>>targetting INIDA with their Nuclear Weapons.
>I repeat, I see no evidence that India is likely to be a target of
>nuclear weapons so the argument that "if India is a target .."  is
>moot. If you have convincing arguments that India is, or may become a
>target, I will change my stand.

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