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Systems for Accountability


I think that we should talk about the systems needed to make a government accountable and measure its performance on various fronts. I am not sure if there are any provisions today to track unemployment, personal income, tracking of social benefits from the taxpayer's money (e.g. healthcare and various subsidies in departments) even at the state level.

I propose if an ideal political group is in a position to influence India's future, that group will make its first priority  to fund and implement such systems. Because if you don't even know, as what is your goal for improvement, how can you plan to improve on it.

I propose to add the development and implementation of following systems in our AGENDA. 

Systems needed:

1. Citizen identification card: to note total government benefits provided to each citizens. I think that there should be a limit based on income levels for taxpayer's money. This can also help to extend benefits, which are not present today. I am in favor of some kind of food stamp program.

2. Taxes: Today Indian IRS commissioner's do not have access to a PC. It baffels me as how can you run a country without a well-defined taxcode, collection system and coputerized networks to facilitate tax collection from a billion people. India's government collects only 6 percent of its total tax from 1 billion people.

3. A national computerized system to track individual driving record. The reason I emphasize this to reform the present system is because it touches an average citizens life and any political party which is concerned about people's day to day activity and has identified their solutions has a better chance of becoming real than just a Ph. D. dissertation of issues.

4. Systems to support the police and judiciary. A national network linking all police departments up to the district level to exchange information. They can exchange information on driving records and crime history of individuals.  

5. I am not sure if someone can give insight in the judiciary world in this group. Will a computerized system of all the pending cases somehow expedite in reducing the backlog of cases.

6. Funding to various essential government departments to deploy computer systems for tracking services and collection of dues from average citizens. These departments may be one which are essential for the government to operate e.g. water supply.

Any suggestions.


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