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RE: India conducts Nuclear Tests....

Parag Bhatt[SMTP:pbhatt@fmi.fujitsu.com] wrote:

>You are right in the thought that all nuclear tests/weapons should come
>to an end.
>I guess it is important to disucuss CTBT and NPT on this list.
>But, one good reason to conduct these tests is to give these
>country's who have the "RIGHT" to conduct the tests even though
>they sign the treaty a second thought. If they are not
>going to change the treaty to make sure that there are "NO" 
>test conducted at all.  No exceptions, by-laws.  Then it
>makes sense to sign this treaty and to make sure that
>not only are tests banned, but also all weapons are banned.
A similar statement was made by a spokesman of the BJP, Dr Naidu,
in an interview with the BBC- once ALL nations agree to a ban on
testing and stockpiling nuclear weapons India will join in. I agree.

>. . . National security is more important
>than just thinking what is right and what is wrong.  We cannot
>sit Idle and not do anything when we have a threat (Not Direct)
>from China/Pakistan on their Nuclear programmes.
I'm leery of the use of vague terms like "national security" since
this is a broad term used to justify all kinds of skullduggery. It
makes more sense to ask a more specific question- is India under
threat of a nuclear attack by Pakistan or China or any other country?
My opinion is, with a 95% certainty, no. Under that framework,
developing nuclear weapons are a waste of resources, and in case India
is attacked by a nuclear state, having Nuclear weapons increases the
probability of their use against India.
I'll concede that there is a certain psychological upside in
increasing the confidence of the Indian scientific and engineering
community in that this is a demonstration that they are capable of
developing technologies independently and successfully, but I also
feel that it is possible to focus these resources towards the more
productive task of making India a technological super power in the
commercial arena.

>. . . These tests are
>just for letting the world know that if India is a Nuclear Target.
>They will be too.  Basically it is to stop other nations from 
>targetting INIDA with their Nuclear Weapons.

I repeat, I see no evidence that India is likely to be a target of
nuclear weapons so the argument that "if India is a target .."  is
moot. If you have convincing arguments that India is, or may become a
target, I will change my stand.