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How about a higher level to our game?

Hi folks,

I was considering revising our task as follows (to make it even more
difficult!). I mean, a Manifesto/ Agenda is a very easy task, more like
fun - a Ph.D. dissertation maybe, but still fun. But we like real
difficult tasks! We like climbing virtual Mount Everests!

The year is 2005. Assume that the People of India, fed up with the lack of
results of the past 55 years decide, reluctantly, to give you a bare
mandate (51% majority) to take India into the future, through a democratic
process.  You have exactly 4 1/2 years to make a difference to the people
else your mandate will be withdrawn in the next elections. 

The task
You are not power-crazy. You wish not to seek re-election merely to get
"power" (i.e., you are a good, middle-class, guy). You wish to be
re-elected only if it helps to carry forward your vision of the future.

Task 1: Make a blueprint of each and every step across the first 4 1/2
years, that would have to be taken, in order to not only materialize your
vision but also to convince the people to give you the mandate that you
think you need, again.

Task 2: Define, in even greater detail, what you would do, on each of the
first 30 days of your mandate. 

I think we have emerging, over the course of the last month, the very
broad outlines of a consensus on the "manifesto."  The detailed writing of
it will carry on across time. What this new task will focus us on is the
Agenda and Policy Framework, which must be as precise as possible. 

What sayeth thou? Art thou game to this new challenge? A "higher level" of
the game of virtual reality? 

Let us see how far our "elites" can imagine the task of taking India to
its position at the top of the world, using each mandate of 5 years to
further this task. We have enough fun criticizing all the politicians and
their failures. Now, imagine that you are "it" and that the buck stops at

What would you do?