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RE: India conducts Nuclear Tests....


You are right in the thought that all nuclear tests/weapons should come
to an end.

I guess it is important to disucuss CTBT and NPT on this list.
But, one good reason to conduct these tests is to give these
country's who have the "RIGHT" to conduct the tests even though
they sign the treaty a second thought. If they are not
going to change the treaty to make sure that there are "NO" 
test conducted at all.  No exceptions, by-laws.  Then it
makes sense to sign this treaty and to make sure that
not only are tests banned, but also all weapons are banned.

You are right in the view that there should be no Nuclear weapons.
I agree with you 100%.  But National security is more important
than just thinking what is right and what is wrong.  We cannot
sit Idle and not do anything when we have a threat (Not Direct)
from China/Pakistan on their Nuclear programmes.

The tests are not supposed to be used in reality.  These tests are
just for letting the world know that if India is a Nuclear Target.
They will be too.  Basically it is to stop other nations from 
targetting INIDA with their Nuclear Weapons.


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