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Re: Public Affairs Center

Dear Suresh,

Thanks for your clarification. I send mail to so many people and
organizations that I get lost at times. Moving on from the book (on which
I mentioned something to you last time: the "book" is now **not** being
updated on the web), I was referring to the discussion list called
India_Policy that some of us have started, comprising Indians who wish to
write down what they think are the possible "best" solutions to the entire
gamut of problems of India. Very ambitious indeed! 

Please take a look at http://www.indiaconsult.com/indiapolicy/

I am sure you and your Board members will appreciate the work being done
and would like to join the discussion.

For the folks on india_policy:

I am sending in this URL to you:


This belongs to the Public Affairs Center, Bangalore, which is peopled by
rather well-experienced and capable people, with whom we could interact
and learn a lot (http://www.his.com/~holycow/pac/bod.html).

Their views on combating corruption are at:


Very specific, very precise. We could simply copy some of these views (if
permitted, of course!). Many of these are very similar to what we are
working on. 

Finally, back to Suresh: please forward this message to your Washington DC
coordinator. There are some active members of India_Policy in Washington
DC who might wish to get in touch with your friend there.

Thanks, and hope to see you on india_policy.

On Tue, 12 May 1998, SURESH BALAKRISHNAN wrote:

> Hi Sanjeev,
> PAC is a non-for-profit initiative working on governance issues from 
> Bangalore. You had signed in with our guestbook last month; I was doing a 
> routine follow up earlier this morning.  A friend of ours in DC hosts our 
> website - you may find some new material on our study of public services 
> in Delhi soon.
> That we are on to the topic, what are you researching now?
> Regards
> Suresh