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RE: India conducts Nuclear Tests....

Parag Bhatt[SMTP:pbhatt@fmi.fujitsu.com] writes:

	What do we have to say abou this nuclear test conducted
by India Today.  Personally, I am very proud of it.  But, 
something that needs to be thought of, is the consequence
of such a test in the Internaltion arena.

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The reaction by the presidential spokesman and state dept is the 
predictable double-speak, and we can expect the same to be
parrotted by the evening news anchors and CNN. I'll probably miss
the evening news on account of my schedule, but I wonder if anyone
will mention that the US satellite of Israel that has a long-standing
nuclear weapons program and is estimated to have around 200
nuclear bombs and has conducted tests, several in cooperation with the
former apartheid regime of South Africa. Documents detailing the
program were released by a courageous and conscientious engineer
Mordechai Vanunu- he was jailed and has been kept in solitary
confinement for over 10 years despite numerous appeals by
Human rights organizations around the world. If the US wanted to stop
the Israeli program they could easily do so given that over 30% of
Israel's government budget consists of US aid.

I don't think anyone will raise the question as to why the US
continues to maintain and test nuclear weapons now that the "evil
godless communists" are gone, certainly not to defend itself against an
invasion by Canada or Mexico. Likewise no one is likely to ask why the
US does not object to testing and stockpiling by China, France, or

I expect that there will be talk of how some "terrorists" or one of the
demonized states with "lunatic/irrational/fundamentalist" leaders such
as Libya or Iran could threaten "US interests" if weapons technology
proliferates though they will probably will not mention that the act
of a political leader provoking and waging a war of aggression to
boost his or her political popularity is not the exclusive preserve of
tin-pot dictators but includes at least three successive US
presidents- Clinton sent cruise missiles into Baghdad on the story of
a "plot" on former president Bush's life- at a time his approval poll
numbers were at a low point. The Gulf war, the invasion of Panama, and
the invasion of Grenada were similar operations.

Personally, I think Vajpayee did the wrong thing in giving the tests a
go ahead. I would like to see ALL nuclear weapons destroyed and
banned. OTOH, I find the sanctimonious braying of the official US
organs completely hypocritical.