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Fwd: Seeking international professionals

I am for anything that helps professionalism.  I thought the following
should be of interest to some on the list as well as thier friends in
the service.  Please forward or distribute widely.  thanks
Kush Khatri, D.C.
> >
> >The Council on International Programs and the Cleveland
International Program are actively in search of professional
participants from all  over the world (outside of the United States)
and any help that friends could give in publicizing their efforts
would be much appreciated.   

 For over 50 years, the Cleveland International Program has brought
professionals from all over the world to work in a professional
setting  in the United States from anywhere from two months to
eighteen months.  
> The idea is to promote interchange of professional skills whereby
the participant not only learns from his or her placement in the
United  States, but also is able to teach agencies and companies in
the United States  about issues that the professional has learned
about in his or her country of origin.  Over the years, CIP and its
affiliates have hosted hundreds of
professionals from South Asia as part of the program.  The most recent
 of such participants is a professional in the criminal justice area
who  hails from India and will be working at the Witness Victim Center
of the
Department of Justice Affairs of the City of Cleveland. Although the
majority of the placements have been in the social service area, CIP 
has also placed professionals in banks, architectural firms,
professional sports teams, telecommunications companies, and a variety
of other  private sector settings.  A number of journalists have also 
participated in the program (one of the most recent was a South
African journalist who  worked at a Cleveland area radio station).  In
addition to providing for the professional placement, CIP also
provides housing  ( a portion in  family settings and a portion in
independent apartments), an orientation  program,
and a modest stipend to most participants.  CIP is also usually able
to arrange for participants to take on a non-credit basis courses at
the  local universities and colleges.   Although not a governmental
agency, CIP 
has received some government funding and has the necessary visa
granting authority to allow the participants to travel to the United
The selection process requires completion of an application and an 
interview in the country of origin (often with past CIP participants).
 If you  should
require further information, please contact Dorothy Faller, the 
Executive Director of CIP, at (216) 566-1906.  Her email address is

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