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revised Preamble

The Preamble has been modified in keeping with the points raised by
Utkarsh, and the subsequent debate. Some editing has been done in the
interest of conciseness; hopefully no point has been lost and some of the
earlier roughness has been lost.

Please check this again and let your views (howsoever strong) come in. 
Clearly, we can do better in every way (both in content and in language).
The Preamble has to set the tone for the Manifesto. It should not be
verbose, but a statement of fundamental beliefs. Once there is agreement
on these beliefs, much of the latter stuff will follow more easily. 

The URL is, once again:




PS: I notice we have had three new members signup on the list in the past
two or three days. We have 32 subscribers to this list now, about a fourth
of them active. A month has passed since this list was started. I would
like to welcome the new members and request them to enlighten us with
their comments and suggestions. Not only must the debate not flag, but the
importance of picking up your own area of interest and contributing points
for the Preamble, Manifesto, Agenda and the Policy Framework, should
perhaps be recognized. We are here not as observers (at least hopefully
not most of us). So, go, scratch your heads, and let us have your views!