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The task we have undertaken ...

Dear Kush,

We are in the same boat together. I have always been a "practicing
researcher." I was always amazed at the immense gap between research (say,
100), policy (say, 25), and public awareness (say, 10). That is why we
need to carry on this task, hoping to communicate the latest research, and
a scientific attitude, to the people, and hoping that we can weld together
a generally coherent world view without flying off our handles in
different directions, since social science does not have a uniform
solution to all problems, yet.

I think you could invite the SAJA friends/ others into the discussion
after about a month or two (depending on the progress we make), to expand
the discussion.


PS: I thought others might be interested in your views about the task we
have undertaken. So I am endorsing this to the list. Hope you have no
objections (too late !, I 've already posted it!) ...


On Wed, 6 May 1998, K KUSH wrote:

> This task of preparing a "manifesto" should be compared to a Ph.D
> dissertation.  This is proving to be helluva task.  Some time I wonder
> if this can be done with just part-timers. 
> Anyway, thanks for the opportunity and with people like you, I am sure,
> we will succeed.
> Regards,
> Kush.