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RE: defence

How about:

As military expenditures contribute nothing to the creation of
prosperity, and drain resources from activities that do, we advocate the
goal global disarmament by all nations and the banning of all weapons of
mass destruction. However, as long as other nations maintain stockpiles
of these weapons we retain the right to develop such weapons as a

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	please vet:

	Global peace is a pre-requisite for the continued expansion of
	and happiness of man. Global peace, however, cannot become a
	unless each nation is on par with the other, and particularly a
	that comprises 16% of the world's population. Unless special
privileges of
	other nations are withdrawn, India has to be accorded all
	privileges including a permaent seat in the UN Security Council,
and the
	right to own its own nuclear weapons. If the other nations
	themselves, India will, too.  Else, as a deterrent, as a
pre-emptive force
	against any aggression, and until the time when nations agree to
	each other equally, India has to nuclearize, for no power on
earth can
	keep down a nation of one billion.