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labor, population, education

Added the following today to:


a) Collective bargaining by labor:

In general, throughout the world, advances in productivity, not unions,
have been mainly responsible for the improvements in earnings and working
conditions of the average worker. Despite this, as a part of the
free-market wage determination process, collective bargaining by
firm-specific labor unions will be encouraged. However, industry-wide or
nation-wide attempts by unions to interfere in the wage bargaining process
amount to using oligopolistic or monopolistic power by labor, and will be

b) Education:

Each individual must be persuaded and encouraged to study hard and to gain
knowledge to the maximum level of his or her interest or capacity.  The    
untapped ocean of human capital that India possesses can be mined through
providing the highest level of education to everyone. We do not want mere    
literacy, which of course is a basic minimum, but the highest level of
higher education attainable for everyone. Huge expenditures, and the 
latest information technology techniques, will be promoted in this sector 
through both public and private enterprise.

c) Population Policy:

The only known relationship between population and economic growth is that
fertility declines as a nation gets richer. Population size, by itself,
has no known effect on the growth of the economy. In other words, economic
growth has to come first and that will lead to a decline in population. In
addition, higher education and lower infant mortality lead to population
declines. <p>Therefore, while the public and private efforts to increase
the supply of contraceptives will be boosted, and education of the people
on the availability and use of contraception will be promoted, people will
be allowed to make their own choices on the number of children they want. 
No targets will be set either for fertility or for population size, since
population will automatically decline, rapidly, as other policies come
into effect

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