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Anonymous contribution

A member of the list sent me this. I am putting it up anonymously. If the
member wishes, he/she can take ownership of this piece on the list.

Subject: Re:Utkarsh's modifications

Dear Sanjeev:

While reading through the material archived ( quite a bit of it I could
not even finish scanning, let alone reading and assimilating!) and being
prolifically proposted every day by several concerned persons on this
list, I have a few basic questions (doubts!)  that I thought you could
clear for me.  My questions may have been already addressed, and I did not
want to clutter the list by repetition and redundancy. Hence, the personal

Somewhere in the archives ( is it about VIP ?) I came across statements
amounting to accusing the 'leftist' parties or leftist thinking are in
some way responsible for the female illiteracy in AP!  Such statements do
not, in my humble opinion, stand to argument. Actually, the leftists were
able to successfully run the adult education centers ( for the time being
leave alone their hidden agenda behind!) even before 1947!  Then, there
was a recurring theme, almost running like a broken record, if I may say
so, that all the evils that beset India are due to 'leftisim,' ' fabian
socialism,' and red or some shade of it like pinkish ideology, etc.  This
is neither true, nor does serve any purpose to your program.

Today, the attractive and mass appeal terminology, particularly to the
western educated Indian middle class gentry consist of ' capitalism,
market forces, deregulation, global economy,' etc.  There is no compelling
evidence that these will remain as main stay forever! 

And, at the same time there is a catch phrase, thrown as an emotional
bait, about India's past glory and history & culture that was 5000 years
old!  This has one of our greatest drawbacks to 'progress,' however you
wish to define the term progress. 

Very few serious studies have been done on how over the past two hundred
years the entire Indian thinking was molded by western oriental scholars,
and how we are still suffering the consequences of their biases on our
thinking!  On this, I will say further later, since it may not directly
fit your agenda at this time. 

We can all chip in and make the best possible, preamble, agenda, action
plan, etc., taking that is best from the west and adding that was touted
as best from the east and the orient. It will be the most beautiful
document that was ever written or printed; but, how do you ( or us!)
implement the plan? 

I have seen excellent 'rural development plans,' alternatives for progress
on paper, manufactured at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale by world's
most gifted scholars, and almost all of them failed, some of them failed
miserably when implementation was sought for.

In manufacturing these humungous plans, no one has ever consulted the
people of the effected or to-be effected population. ( As you know, 75 -
80% of the total population that still lives in rural areas with
agriculture as their primary means of support!) 

(I don't think that some statements about the 'wonders of urbanization' in
this country as has been pointed out some where would hold water if an
incisive analysis is made! This is beside the point, though!) 

I have taken too much of your precious time already. When my ideas
crystalize after your responses, I may venture to get on the list in open! 

I have always liked the following Japanese Zen Rin: 

" If you want to know the road up the mountain, You must ask the man who
goes back and forth on it." 


Sincere Regards.