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Re: Utkarsh's modifications

>b) On the second (dictatorship), the reason why I >introduced it was the very often-heard
argument in >various "educated" circles that we were better off >during the Emergency
and that our population was >coming under "control" through Sanjay Gandhi's strong
>methods. Our psyche in India harps back to monarchies >and to dicatatorial styles.
To make it very clear once >and for all that dictatorships of any type will be >unacceptable,
I think I would favor retaining the >statement. 

In my understanding, a pseudo dictatorhip in India is possible with something similar
to emergency. I am not sure that even mention of world dictatorship is required.
Are we suggesting that we propose to amend the constitution of the emergency like

Sanjeev I also had changed the very first topic of the Preamble.

Work ethic, capitalism and competition

That the only way to make our society prosperous is by achieving high literacy among
citizens, hard work, and a fair opportunity to compete in the competitive markets.

That communism and socialism are defective in their fundamental
understanding of human motivation and incentives.  That "pure" capitalism is not
perfect, either. There is a role for government.
There is much to be said in favor of an intelligent, small government, applying strong
economic and few social incentives to get the best results out of the people. 

Innate equality among all peoples everywhere

That all humans were created equal in an essential way. For India to find its place
in the world, we the citizens of India have to recognize this fact. Together as equals
and partners we can uplift the society whatever we can dream of. By dividing the
society in the name of caste and religion, we will stay divided and will lag from
the rest of the world in finding our place in the human race and pages of history
of our times.

Earlier version:

Innate equality among all peoples everywhere

That all men were created equal in an essential way. 
No genetic change took place in the Western races in the past 200 years, causing
their incomes to shoot to over 20 times that of India. God did not also declare a
special bonus to the West. Basic, important implication:Indians are therefore genetically
equal to the best in the West. This equality is not responsible for the economic
inequality. There is something else thatmakes India scrape the bottom of the barrel
of the world. 

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