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Re: Preliminary attempts at compilation

Puneet wrote:

> I will be glad to help you out with the compilation work. I would prefer
> you allocate some task/subset of discussion that I can work on. Better
> still if you post on this mailing list the items that need help each one 
> of us can volunteer to pick up some of it.

My reply:
Honestly, I have no qualifications in this group to "allocate" tasks to
anyone. I would really appreciate if you "jump" in and start filling in
the gaps wherever you find they exist. For example, you could go through
with a fine comb through the discussion archives and send me compilations
of points which you find not yet covered in the web page on Manifesto/

Alternatively, you could become the champion of any particular topic that
you believe is very important and submit a list of points to the group for
discussion/ inclusion in the Manifesto/ agenda.

Whatever you like. The field is all yours. 

By the way, my current plan is to maximize the utility of the web, by
linking, through hypertext, the following:

key points in the manifesto

	---> associated points in the Agenda

		----> brief write-up on each point/ or a flier
			describing its importance/ relevance.
			-----> Detailed policy framework.

That way, people who wish to enter the debates in the future will be able
to know why a particular point has been included at each level.

Any taker for helping in the construction of such write-ups (those
write-ups will ultimately convert into fliers to promote further
discussion ...)


PS: I also propose to put on the web, the pictures of the active
disussants along with their brief biodata. If anyone is interested, please
send me over your scanned picture (about 40 kb max) along with an e-mail
providing a brief "resume" type of page. Of course, this is entirely

At the very least, please indicate to me whether you would like to be
included as a participant in the exercise of framing the Manifesto/
Agenda. Then I will at least be able to list your name even if you do not
wish to provide a scanned picture/ resume.