The Blue-Print of a New India
or, The Draft of the Peoples' Manifesto

This web page documents the progress made by the National Debate on System Reform.Since early December, 1998, updation of hyperlinked manifesto has stopped and Word editions have been issued. All later versions of the manifesto are found on the main web page of IPI. However, the Policy Framework and Plan of Action continue here.

As you can realize, this work requires enormous effort and if you wish to help update the web site, pl. contact

Providing Good Governance Frontispiece

Relationship between Individual, Society, Government. The Free Citizen, the Fair Society

The Vision Statement The Long Term Vision

The Beliefs Preamble

The Concerns Concerns

The Concepts Manifesto

The Process Agenda

The Details Policy Framework
Don't click yet - there is nothing here at the moment!The framework will be in this format.
The Internal Code of Conduct Code of Conduct
The Plan A Proposed, "ideal" Plan of Action