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Hindi translation by Rahul Rana of The Law by Bastiat

It is my great pleasure to publish the February 2017 Hindi translation by Rahul Rana of Bastiat’s The Law.  Bastiat was the greatest opponent of socialists like Karl Marx. He died early but even then his contributions continue to illuminate the world today.




Rahul Rana

This translation has been awaiting a formal launch for a long time, but it is time to share this version more widely.

Please download this from here and share with your Hindi reading friends.

The translation is also linked to IPI’s publications page, here.

I would like to thank Rahul Rana for his great contribution to the spread of liberty in India, and look forward to the formal launch expected in a month.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

Executive Director, IPI

23 December 2017


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Governance Reforms Conference: Delhi, 13-14 April 2013

The Indian Institute of Public Administration and India Policy Institute hld a two day conference in Delhi on 13 and 14 April 2013 (Saturday and Sunday).

The Conference brochure (PDF) is linked below (Word document here).

[It was also in 2013 on the IIPA website. This link no longer works.]

Inaugural address by Shri Gurcharan Das, public intellectual and author of India Unbound.

Chairperson of main session: Shri T N. Chaturvedi, Chairman, IIPA and former Governor of Karnataka.

The keynote address was by Sanjeev Sabhlok, ED of IPI, who tried to explain the basics of good governance (see details here).

Video of the talk, below:

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